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DIY Ribbon Bows for Prettier Presents

February 29th, 2016


Ribbon bows are great decorations for gifts, and they don’t require that much effort to make. From classic to minimalist, these ribbon bow ideas are sure to make your gifts look their best!


How to Make a Ribbon Bow

What I love about twine is that it’s timeless, plentiful, and works for any holiday. It’s also quick and easy to use, and works well with any color scheme. Jute or colorful baker’s twine, for example, can be used for various holidays, and can be paired with festive decorative touches of your choice.

For this particular gift, I wrapped the twine around the box a few times, tied it in the front, and added my favorite tag that I modified to suit Valentine’s Day.

Pink and White Curly Ribbons

How to Make a Ribbon Bow (2)

For the white and pink striped wrapping paper with curly ribbons, I placed the ribbon over the gift lengthwise, brought it up and around, and finally secured it with a knot.I then cut 2-3 pieces of ribbon and tied them on, and then gently ran scissors along each strip to make them curl at the end.

Plaid Ribbon

Holidays! (1)

I followed these instructions for making the plaid ribbon for this gift wrapped in craft paper. The plaid ribbon is from the dollar bins at Target—from their Christmas collection, but by adding a black and red Valentine’s tag, I think you can use it for either holiday. It’s a great way to repurpose Christmas ribbon with a Valentine’s twist.

Gold Paper with Wine Bow

How to Make a Ribbon Bow (1)

I used this ribbon inspiration for this gift. Again, I used gold paper I had on hand from Hobby Lobby, and topped it with wine colored wire ribbon. The best thing about wire ribbon is that it easily holds its shape!

I had such a great time making these ribbon bows! Which ribbon bow are you looking forward to using? Try it and let me know how it goes!

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Jennifer Lutz is a design and decorating enthusiast who has over a decade of experience staging professional home décor photo shoots. Her expertise also includes home design for special events such as holiday gatherings and family celebrations. She collaborates with clients and other design professionals to transform ordinary rooms into stunning spaces.

A mother of four lively children, she has quickly become a shortcut guru, making each holiday (Christmas in particular) a special, memory-filled event while staying within a budget and balancing a very full life. How does she do it? With creative, affordable, quick and easy projects for the holidays and the home.

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