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Are You an Artificial Christmas Tree Kind of Person?

September 18th, 2016

For years, the question of getting a real or artificial Christmas tree has been a topic of debate for decorators and homemakers. Numerous pros and cons have been presented for both, but in the end it all boils down to a question of preference. While some may choose to overlook the high maintenance requirements of a real tree, a number of people today choose the convenience and longevity of an artificial one. Everyone can agree, however, that both types of trees provide a home with holiday cheer and foster the spirit of the season.

artificial trees from Christmas Tree Market

In this post, we will help you determine if you are an artificial Christmas tree kind of person. Do you prefer the convenience that comes with an artificial tree? Read on to find out.

You Value Convenience

Winter Lodge Pine Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Market’s Winter Lodge Pine tree

Picking out a tree from the tree farm is a time-honored tradition for many during the holiday season. With everything that needs to get done in time for Christmas, however, it’s not always a practical option. With an artificial Christmas tree, all you have to do is go to Christmas Tree Market, choose the tree you want, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

With a real tree, dripping sap and falling pine needles are things you’ll have to deal with frequently—not to mention the constant watering required to keep the tree looking fresh and beautiful. Timing is also a factor when getting a real tree: get one too early and it will wilt before Christmas, but get one too late and there might not be enough time to decorate and prepare it.

On the other hand, you can get artificial Christmas trees as early as spring, when you can take advantage of great deals and a myriad of choices.

You Want Multiple Trees

Christmas Tree Market's Winter Lodge Pine, Mountain Ridge Spruce, and Montana Grand Fir Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Market’s Winter Lodge Pine, Mountain Ridge Spruce, and Montana Grand Fir Christmas Trees

For some, spreading Christmas cheer around the home means having more than one tree, which usually means one for each room or main area. Although the living room or foyer are the areas where you’d usually find a Christmas tree, the versatility of an artificial one allows you to make it a centerpiece in any room – even the kitchen, den, and bedroom.
If you’re looking for something to decorate your lawn or backyard, outdoor artificial Christmas trees are also available with sturdier stands, trunks, and lights designed for outdoor use. Outdoor trees are a great complement to your wreaths and garlands.

You Want Your Trees Pre-lit

Christmas Tree Market's Balsam Spruce Tree

Christmas Tree Market’s Balsam Spruce tree

If there’s one reason to choose an artificial Christmas tree over a real one, this is arguably that one reason. With all the gift-wrapping, cooking, and decorating that need to get done for the holiday season, having Christmas lights pre-strung on the tree is one of the great conveniences of an artificial tree. Your tree’s lights can also become one of its main design elements, thanks to a myriad of lighting options available today.

Christmas Tree Market offers pre-lit trees with clear lights, multi lights, and LED lights. To accentuate your tree with a simple warm glow, clear lights are a common choice because they are neutral enough to match any holiday motif. Multi lights, on the other hand, are for those who want a little more color on their Christmas tree. For those looking for a more power-efficient option, LED lights are the common choice for efficiency and longevity.

You Want Your Trees Pre-Decorated

Christmas Tree Market's Flocked Spruce tree

Christmas Tree Market’s Flocked Spruce tree

A number of décor enthusiasts decorate their trees with a look that reflects their own personal style or one that matches the current décor they have. However, not all of them have the time or luxury to decorate their tree exactly the way they want. Fortunately, there are unique trees available today that come pre-decorated to fit a certain theme or look.

Flocked trees are a common choice when it comes to themed or pre-decorated trees. The Fairbanks Flocked Christmas Tree is an excellent option for the holidays, due to its snow-capped branches that make it a sight to behold up close and from afar. Some trees even come embellished with pinecones, twigs, and mixed foliage, which make for great showpieces. You can also try an Upside Down Christmas Tree to add a twist to a classic holiday staple.

You Want a Color Other than Green

Christmas Tree Market's Golden Glow Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Market’s Golden Glow Christmas tree

Who says a Christmas tree has to be green? Christmas trees come in a wide array of colors now, making picking a tree a delight for the adventurous types. There are some trees that are designed to create an elegant balance between bold colors and simplicity. A few classic choices are the Golden Glow Tree and Silver Tinsel Tree from Christmas Tree Market. These trees combine classic beauty with bold hues to create a stunning display that’s sure to turn heads. You can also go for a Powder Pink Tree for a feminine touch or a classic Black or White tree for a simple, elegant look.

You Want a Tree for a Smaller Space

Christmas Tree Market's Ticonderoga Pencil tree

Christmas Tree Market’s Ticonderoga Pencil tree

At times, it can be hard to fit a Christmas tree into the smaller rooms or areas of your home. The artificial Christmas trees of today are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. To save space, some choose to invest in a narrow tree that will fit in a small corner. For an even slimmer option, Christmas Tree Market offers a range of pencil trees that feature dense foliage in a slender profile. These artificial Christmas trees boast a silhouette similar to that of a full tree while giving you more floor space.

If you find the above to be your main considerations when purchasing a Christmas tree, then you are an artificial Christmas tree person. You seek the best of both realism and convenience, more bang for your buck, and aren’t afraid to try new things for as long as they meet your requirements. Although you desire the natural beauty of true evergreens, you also want a tree that will work with you during the Christmas rush as you check off tasks on your long holiday to-do list.

Share this list with your friends and see if they, too, are artificial Christmas tree people!

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