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5 Creative Alternatives to Tinsel Garlands

August 9th, 2017
Whimsical yet meaningful Christmas tree for a good cause

Whimsical yet meaningful Christmas tree decorated by Vanessa of Tried and True

Tinsel garlands are great embellishments for your Christmas tree, but they can be too messy or gaudy at times, especially if their colors don’t match your holiday theme. Here are other Christmas garlands you can use for your tree as alternatives to classic tinsel.

Accent with Ribbons


Colorful and vibrant tree with ribbons

Beautiful Balsam Spruce decorated by Jenny of Craft-O-Maniac

On their own, some ribbons may not seem enough to decorate your tree, but they are great alternatives to tinsel garlands. These pieces lend a chic classic appeal to your Christmas tree, complement your ornaments beautifully, and come in a wide variety of designs. Depending on your theme, you can use two or more ribbons in different patterns or shades to coordinate with the look you’re going for.

Make Pom Poms


Pom poms give your tree a playful look, making your holiday centerpiece a family favorite. You can also create pretty garlands as a project for everyone to enjoy. Simply choose colors that best suit your theme so coordination won’t be a problem!

Use Tasteful Beads


Beads can add touches of color to your tree

Colorful Kennedy Fir decorated by Amy of One Artsy Mama

A beaded garland is also a simple yet stylish embellishment to your Christmas tree. Make sure to choose beads that aren’t too flashy. You wouldn’t want huge and overly-designed garlands to take the attention away from your other Christmas ornaments!

Create Felt Garlands


Ramp up your tree’s visual interest by adding texture and color using felt garlands. Felt is versatile, and you can start from making simpler fringed designs, all the way to cutting out shapes or creating three-dimensional garlands. Choose hues that will pop against the verdant foliage of your tree, and you’ll get a charming accent piece that’s easy to make and easy on the budget too.

Choose the Classic Popcorn and Cranberry Garland


Popcorn garlands are nostalgic and fun

Photo from Hope and Honey

Stringing a popcorn and cranberry garland is another fun activity you can do with your kids. Turn it into quality time with the family one afternoon, and then immediately drape the popcorn and cranberry garland on your Christmas tree.

Use garlands that suit your decorating style, budget, or family preference. For more Christmas decorating ideas, you can check out our how-to on decorating with large ornaments, or this list of creative Christmas ideas!

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