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Our Top Picks for the Best Artificial Christmas Trees

October 13th, 2017

The Classic Balsam Spruce Christmas Tree

The Classic Balsam Spruce Christmas Tree

There are quite a number of reasons why many people opt for artificial Christmas trees over live ones. Some have allergies that prevent them from having a real tree, while others simply want something they can store and reuse for the years to come.

To help you choose the right tree for your holiday home, let’s take a look at Christmas Tree Market’s top picks for this season:

Most Realistic Trees

Here are our top choices from our exclusive selection of incredibly realistic Christmas trees.

Most Realistic Christmas Trees

(l-r) Kennedy Fir, Columbia Valley Slim Fir, and Montana Grand Fir

Kennedy Fir
The photogenic Kennedy Fir Christmas tree is breathtakingly lifelike and has a slim profile that fits most spaces.

Columbia Valley Slim Fir
The Columbia Valley Slim Fir has a slender shape with lush needles and layered branches, making it look great on any backdrop.

Montana Grand Fir
The Montana Grand Fir showcases large, lush needles and glittering clear lights. This magnificent tree is generously sized and is ideal for wider spaces.

Best Trees for Ornaments

If you’re big on showcasing ornaments, here are our picks from our special collection of trees, with extra sturdy branches and more room for your decorating statement.

Best Christmas Trees for Ornaments

(l-r) Alberta Spruce Evergreen, Alaskan Grand Fir, and Shimmering White Christmas Tree

Alberta Spruce Evergreen
Aside from its soft, lifelike pine needles, the charming Alberta Spruce Evergreen features a full profile and hinged branches, great for decorating with lots of ornaments.

Alaskan Grand Fir
The Alaskan Grand Fir is a breathtaking beauty with a variety of evergreen pine needles – creating an excellent backdrop for your Christmas ornaments.

Shimmering White Christmas Tree
The Shimmering White Christmas Tree is a great choice for those who want to replicate the look of snow-covered trees. This brilliant tree is quite versatile, whether you want a colorful or sophisticated theme.

Colorful Trees

Our captivating collection of colorful Christmas trees are perfect for those who wish to step out of the box for a contemporary look.

Colorful Christmas Trees

(l-r) Narrow Silver Tinsel Tree, Ashley Red Christmas Tree, and Classy Black Tree

Narrow Silver Tinsel Tree
Reminiscent of aluminum silver Christmas trees from the 1960’s, the Narrow Silver Tinsel Tree sparkles with retro chic.

Ashley Red Christmas Tree
The fiery Ashley Red Christmas Tree is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a bold statement piece for the holidays.

Classy Black Tree
The Classy Black Tree is something that’s out of the ordinary, yet still retains a distinct elegance that’s perfect for modern, minimalist themes.

Best Value Trees

Christmas Tree Market also has beautiful, high-quality trees at value prices.

Best Value Christmas Trees

(l-r) Balsam Spruce, Emerald Fir, and Winter Lodge Pine

Balsam Spruce
The Balsam Spruce holds timeless beauty with its realistic foliage and dense needles, making it one of our most popular and versatile Christmas trees.

Emerald Fir
Our classic Emerald Fir offers one of our best values in the market and remains a favorite among families through the years.

Winter Lodge Pine
An ideal solution for smaller spaces, the tall and slender Winter Lodge Pine provides you with endless decorating possibilities.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and hope that you have a worthwhile experience choosing the right Christmas tree for your home. Have other top picks in mind? Feel free to chime in the comments section below!

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