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How to Fluff and Shape an Artificial Christmas Tree

December 13th, 2017

One of the season’s most awaited family traditions is selecting a Christmas tree and setting it up for the very first time. New trees are usually compressed in their boxes, and would need a good amount of fluffing to achieve a fuller and more natural appearance. Prep your artificial Christmas tree for the holidays with 3 simple tips.

1. Preparation

Balsam Spruce

Once you take your tree out of the box, you’ll need to prepare a few things to make fluffing and shaping easier.

• Designate an Area

Designate an even floor area to fluff your tree. If you have a pre-lit tree, plug in the lights so you can adjust the position of the bulbs to fill any gaps, and to have an idea on your tree’s final appearance.

• Wear Gloves

Keep in mind that some trees made with PVC have hard, prickly needles, so wearing a pair of gardening gloves when fluffing it will help protect your hands from scratching and irritation. Gloves also let your hands glide easily over the branches and tips while you shape the foliage.

• Use a Photo for Reference

Have a clear product image of your Christmas tree at hand to give you a clearer idea of how it should look like. Some trees, such as the Balsam Spruce Christmas tree have upswept branches and tips. In contrast, other trees are meant to be shaped curving downwards. Base your styling on the photo to help give your tree a more lifelike look.

2. Procedure

Balsam Spruce Tree bottom part

Start from the bottom of the tree and work your way up. Make sure that every branch has fallen properly into place. Carefully lift up each tip and position them out and away from the main branch.

For tips closest to the center pole, you’d want to angle them vertically up and progressively sideward to achieve a fan-like arrangement. This technique allows you to fill in as much space as possible to prevent light from passing through.

For the outermost tips, you’d want to angle them diagonally away from the branch. Refer to your photo and gently bend the small tips to form either upward or downward curves to give your tree a more natural appearance. Make sure to change the position and distance of the curves to avoid an overly uniform look. Try imagining how the leaves of a real tree would grow and curl to reach out to the sun.

Shape each row and work your way upwards. When you reach the topmost branch, you’ll notice that it points straight up. Gently adjust the top row of branches towards the base of the topmost branch to form a smooth slope, heightening the triangular shape of your tree.

3. Inspection

Decorated Artificial Christmas Tree

When you’re finished and think you’ve achieved your desired volume, take a few steps back and scan your tree from all angles. Look for any gaps and make sure that the lights are spaced evenly throughout the tree.

Ask family and friends to join you and you’ll be done with your task in no time. Fluffing your artificial Christmas tree is key to making it look realistic and natural. When you are satisfied with your work, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your masterpiece.

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