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Setting-up your Artificial Christmas Tree: How to Fluff

Fluffing your artificial Christmas tree may be tedious and time-consuming, but it is a crucial step to giving your tree a lush and full appearance. Follow these simple steps and get your artificial tree looking gorgeous for the holidays. 1. Preparation After assembling your tree, you’ll need to do a few things to make the […]

How to Host a Halloween Party

It’s the middle of October, and Halloween is about to knock on your door. Gather your family and friends for an all-age trick-or-treat bash filled with frighteningly good fun and food! Try out these simple and inexpensive ideas, and host a Halloween party that’s simply to die for. Decide on a theme Having a party […]

Quick, No-Sew Halloween Costumes for Kids

If you find store-bought costumes too pricey, sewing together a Halloween outfit is a great alternative. But even if you’ve never picked up a sewing needle in your life, you can still make your child a unique and colorful costume for the 31st. These creative costumes require only a few inexpensive, everyday items and are […]

Decorating Ideas for All Hallows’ Eve

It’s never too early to get started on decorating for Halloween! With this exciting holiday only three weeks away, now is the time to fill your house with spooky yet fun Halloween decorations. Let your creativity go wild with these amazing Halloween decorating ideas! Use pumpkins…a lot   Eclectic Dining Room by New York Photographers […]

Projects We Love: Eclectically Vintage’s Chevron Antique Window Tray

I always try to mix some vintage pieces into my home décor. Whether it’s an old medicine cabinet or a porcelain pitcher, I just love how these pieces instantly add a bit of charm and character to the room. That being said, I’m quite excited about the growing popularity and creativity surrounding repurposed vintage home […]