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Fun, Fresh, and Frugal New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Another Christmas is over and everyone is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the New Year. Kick up the fun and liven up your usual New Year’s celebration by trying out these fresh and festive merrymaking ideas. 1. The operative word in New Year’s Eve is “new”, so now is a great time to try something […]

Easy and Delicious Food Gifts for Christmas

Homemade Christmas gifts are always special, even more so when they’re edible. It takes very little time and minimal cost to cook up easy and delicious holiday treats that are sure to please foodies and non-foodies alike. Rosemary Honey This herb-infused honey is a delightfully tasty gift to give this Christmas season. Follow this simple […]

Quick and Easy Christmas Party Ideas

It’s the holiday season, and though our schedules can get crazy, part of the fun is celebrating with friends and family. One of my favorite ways to celebrate is with an open house. Instead of trying to schedule time with various people throughout the busy season, pick a date and time, choose a limited menu, […]

The Ultimate Checklist for Planning Your Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s that time of the year again. But before you get stressed out trying to plan the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, check out the simple, yet effective guide that we at Christmas Tree Market blog have put together for you. It’s time to sit back and actually enjoy the company of friends and family as you […]

3 Easy Holiday Entertaining Ideas

Perk up your next Christmas get-together with a fresh take on classic holiday celebrations. Your family and friends will truly appreciate these easy, creative, and fun ideas that are brimming with Christmas cheer. 1. Progressive Dinner A progressive dinner is a fun and inexpensive way to reconnect with friends and neighbors during the holiday season. […]