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5 Creative Alternatives to Tinsel Garlands

Tinsel garlands are great embellishments for the Christmas tree, but they can be too messy or gaudy at times, especially if their colors don’t match your holiday theme. Here are other Christmas garlands you can use for your tree as alternatives to classic tinsel.   Try It with Ribbons   View image | gettyimages.com

Christmas Guide: Christmas Wreaths Need Fluffing, Too

  Just like Christmas trees, artificial wreaths can lose their shape and density when stored during off-season. Fluffing them keeps their foliage in top form just in time for the holidays. Keep your artificial Christmas wreaths full and in perfect circular shape in two easy steps!

How to Decorate a Tree with Large or Heavy Ornaments

    Now that Thanksgiving is over, swapping out the ornaments of your tree is the next step in decorating and getting ready for the Christmas holidays.   One challenge in Christmas tree decorating is hanging large ornaments without making the display look too heavy or clunky. With these four easy steps, you’ll find out […]

Cyber Monday: The Best Online Deals for the Home

Thanksgiving is done, but the holidays are not yet over. With Christmas just around the corner, we have more entertaining to do for our friends and family. Get ready for more holiday parties with the best Cyber Monday deals we have for your home.   Add a Spot of Color to the Entryway or Foyer […]

Christmas Guide: Know Your Christmas Lights

    When it comes to prelit Christmas trees, it pays to know which type of lamp will work best for you. With the variety of lighting options available, you can find the kind that matches your style and theme for the holidays. Here is a rundown of the distinguishing features of each lamp type […]