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How to Fluff and Shape an Artificial Christmas Tree

  Fluffing your artificial Christmas trees may seem like extra work, but it is a crucial step to giving your tree a lush and full appearance. With these simple steps, you’ll get your artificial tree looking gorgeous for the holidays.

Trees in Review: Why Customers Love the Kennedy Fir

  Choosing the right artificial Christmas tree can be a daunting task, especially when you consider the countless options to choose from. Christmas Tree Market alone has plenty of trees available, and each of them has their own attributes that distinguish them from other trees.   Today, we are featuring one of our best Christmas […]

The Holidays are Coming: New Artificial Christmas Trees from Christmas Tree Market

        Here at Christmas Tree Market, we pride ourselves on designing beautiful, high-quality trees that suit your tastes. From a slim, flocked beauty to an elegant classic, we bring you 3 new artificial Christmas trees that are treasures for any space.

Christmas Tree Skirt Holiday Tips

  In the past, mats were placed around the base of the Christmas tree to catch candle drippings, pine needles, and sap. Over time, a sheet of simple cotton fabric was used for this purpose and to serve as a decorative accent as well.   Today, Christmas tree skirts are part and parcel of holiday […]

How to Choose the Christmas Tree Shape for You

    Knowing the size and shape of tree that works best for your space makes holiday decorating faster and easier. With artificial Christmas trees coming in different forms, we’ve set up a two-step guide on how to avoid ordering a tree only to realize that it doesn’t work in your home. Check out this […]