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How to Plan a Playdate Party

Play dates are a great way for young kids to make friends and learn invaluable social and mental skills. When ordinary play dates begin to seem like a routine, a party theme can spice things up! With a few creative ideas, you can turn a simple play date party into a memorable event for everyone’s […]

Create Your Own Outdoor Movie Night

Summer is the perfect season for a low-cost outdoor movie night with family and friends! There’s less chance of rain and the temperature is simply pleasant. You can create an outdoor movie night right in your own backyard with these simple steps:   Eclectic Patio   Hang a Queen- or King-sized White Sheet Use white […]

Fourth of July Summer Barbecue Party

Plan an amazing Fourth of July for your family and friends! Whether a picnic or a backyard party, your Fourth of July celebration can be a simple and exciting affair with your family and friends! Here are some ideas on how to decorate your Independence Day bash. Easy-to-set-up and Affordable Decorations When decorating for your […]

Impromptu Bonfires: Budget Bonfire Party

Light up bonfires in your backyard the right way. Entertaining friends more often is easy–all you need is a quick, low-stress way to do it. This summer, I’ll be throwing a bi-monthly bonfire party at my house to gather friends for a night of s’mores and good old-fashioned fun. Here are a few tips that I’ll […]

Graduation Party Planning

It’s graduation season and a great time to celebrate with those we love! We recently held a party for my mom who just graduated from college. Obviously, I’m a super proud daughter! Here are some of my tips for throwing a memorable grad party: Photo by Jennifer Lutz Plan the Menu Go with your favorite […]