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Alternative Ideas for Trick-or Treat Candies

More parents are worried about obesity and high sugar levels these days, so when Halloween rolls around it’s not surprising that they are looking into other items kids will enjoy when trick-or-treating. If you want to stay away from giving candies this year but still want to be in kids’ good graces, here are some […]

Christmas Tree Market’s Give Thanks Sweepstakes

From our wonderful families and great co-workers to professional success and personal triumphs, we have a lot to be thankful for this year. To celebrate all the wonderful things that happened this year, we are hosting a special giveaway to help you create the perfect holiday home for your family and friends. Join now and […]

Our Favorite Not-So-Scary Halloween Tips for Buying Candy

Shopping smart is the best way to go when you’re preparing for the Halloween. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Halloween, there are still plenty of ways you can get candy and other treats at a favorable price without breaking the bank. When you’re looking for affordable treats, here are some useful tips […]

Our Soldiers’ Inspiring Stories

  Our soldiers have one of the hardest jobs of all—keeping our country safe at all times. Because of their many sacrifices, we at Christmas Tree Market want to show our gratitude to these brave soldiers by helping their families celebrate this holiday season. Through our Celebrating Those Who Serve campaign, we are inviting military […]

Top 5 Soup Recipes for Fall

  Soup is always a go-to dish during cold autumn nights or when watching football on Sundays with friends. This fall, warm your stomachs with appetizing, hearty soup that you can serve to the entire family. Here are my top 5 classic soup recipes for the fall season.