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5 Useful Canning Tips

  Canning is something that’s always intrigued me, though to be honest, it felt a bit overwhelming my first go around. What if I miss a step and in the process and my family gets sick? What if I spend hours prepping and cooking and then the jars don’t process correctly? Etc, etc… But, I’m […]

You + School: X Easy Ways to Teach Kids Good School Habits

Developing an efficient study routine may take a while, especially for kids who are just starting school. Get your child into the learning zone in class and at home by teaching them good study habits with these tips. Set a study schedule at home Creating a study schedule will help instill ownership and responsibility in […]

Summer-Themed Care Packages for Veterans

View image | When people think of care packages, one of the most common things that come to mind is sending them to our deployed troops. While this is one of the best ways we can support our soldiers who are still serving abroad, we shouldn’t forget about our veterans.Care packages help our veterans […]

Tips for the Best End-Of-Summer Road Trip with the Kids

Road tripping with my husband and four kiddos is the story of my summer. Driving allows us to travel the US without incurring the expensive of air travel. At the moment, we’re on the first part of a road trip that’s taking us from our home in Hillsdale, MI to Billings, MT. Our first stop […]

Help Kids Beat Mid-Summer Boredom!

It’s mid-summer and if your kids are anything like mine, they’re starting to complain that they’re bored. My first response is, SERIOUSLY, you were just complaining that you were sick of school and couldn’t wait for summer break! But, necessity is the mother of invention, so enlisting the help of Pinterest, here are a few […]