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7 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts Kids Will Love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the kids are getting ready to make their own Valentine’s Day crafts for school. That’s 25 per class x my 4 kids = 100 homemade cards! So, my goal going into February is to come up with original, affordable, and easy-to-assemble cards, especially because I have twins in […]

Christmas in the Community—2nd Batch of Participants!

Here is the second batch of bloggers for our Christmas in the Community campaign! They all created amazing designs for their tree, and it’s exciting to see all these trees trimmed for charity. The organizations they’ve chosen are also fantastic in their own right, and we’re honored to have partnered with them this holiday season. […]

Party Rescue: Quick and Easy DIY New Year’s Eve Party Décor

With only a week between Christmas and New Year, it’s hard to change out the decorations from one celebration to the next. However, with a New Year’s Eve party on your hands, you’ll still need a fun setup for your guests. When preparing for your end-of-the-year party, you don’t have to do a complete decorating […]

Christmas in the Community – A Big Thank You to All Participants!

(First of two parts) Our Christmas in the Community campaign was a big success, and I’d like to thank all the bloggers who participated in this project. Their trees are beautiful and well-thought out, and from the looks of things, they enjoyed decorating their tree as much as they enjoyed donating it! I’m so thrilled […]

Party Rescue: How to Prepare a Delicious Meal in Half an Hour

There are only two hours before the guests arrive, and you still haven’t prepared the appetizers. Don’t resort to take out just yet! If you find yourself strapped for time with no prepared meals in sight, here are three quick and easy dishes you can serve in less than an hour!   Appetizers in a […]