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How to Decorate with White for a Stylish Summer Home

When it comes to decorating, white is often underrated. Some people assume that white makes a room look sparse and plain. However, this pristine color can make your space look bright, spacious, and stylish. Here are some tips on how to decorate a beautiful summer home with white accessories. White Flowers     Flowers are […]

5 Tips for a Summer-Friendly Home

The arrival of summer brings countless days of fun activities. With you and your kids running in and out of the house in a regular basis, keeping a clean and tidy house can be overwhelming. Make the summer easier for you and the kids while still enjoying the hot season with these quick and easy […]

Quick and Easy Memorial Day Tablescape Ideas

Don’t let your busy schedule stop you from creating a patriotic tablescape for your Memorial Day party! When you need to decorate your table with the least amount of effort, simply use what you have on hand and improvise! Here are some quick and easy Memorial Day tablescape ideas you can use! Set the Atmosphere […]

How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Pro

A coffee table doesn’t need much to look beautiful and remain functional. Sometimes, simple elements like flowers and personal accessories are enough. Here are some easy styling tips you can do to create a lovely coffee table display. Start with a Tray #145666401 / A tray allows you to organize and decorate the coffee […]

Easy Easter Crafts with the Kids

Kids are always excited when Easter comes, especially when thinking about egg hunts and games! As they grow older, however, their interest in the usual Easter activities wanes. Help them enjoy Easter with these quick and easy Easter crafts for kids! Brighten Up Your Easter with Colorful Eggs Easter egg hunts are tradition when celebrating […]