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Christmas in the Community 2015 Wrap-Up Part 2

Here is the second batch of our participants’ beautifully decorated trees and their recipients for Christmas in the Community 2015!   Boxwood Clippings for the Center for Women and Children in Crisis   Sarah’s decorated tree full of bright and sparkly ornaments   Sarah and Emily of Boxwood Clippings picked the Center for Women and […]

Christmas in the Community 2015 Wrap-Up Part 1

(First of three parts)   This year’s Christmas in the Community Campaign was a huge success, and we would like to thank everyone for their participation and enthusiasm.   Without further ado, here are the beautifully decorated trees of our participants and their recipients for Christmas in the Community 2015!   Kim Six Fix for […]

5 DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Make for 2015

Making your own gifts not only lets your loved ones know how much you care for them, but also allows you to personalize each gift that you give your friends and family. This year, I planned my gifts early and made these easy-to-make presents for a fun and exciting Christmas. From knitted gifts to delicious […]

Jen’s Decorated Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree 2015

    In a previous post, I showed the DIY Christmas ornaments I made for my Flocked White Artificial Christmas Tree—super simple and festive!   This year, I combined my new DIY ornaments with some old ones from last year’s Scandinavian tree, and other decorative items.

Jen’s DIY Christmas Ornaments for 2015

    Last year, I made my own Christmas ornaments, and I’m continuing the tradition this year. I created these three DIY Christmas ornaments to decorate my Christmas trees—super affordable, easy to assemble, and fun!