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Christmas Guide: Know Your Christmas Lights

    When it comes to prelit Christmas trees, it pays to know which type of lamp will work best for you. With the variety of lighting options available, you can find the kind that matches your style and theme for the holidays. Here is a rundown of the distinguishing features of each lamp type […]

How to Recycle Christmas Lights

Now that everyone’s starting to put up their Christmas decorations, many homeowners are probably discovering that some of their Christmas lights no longer work.  However, these lights don’t have to end up in landfills just because their colors have faded; there are other ways of disposing them. Here are some ways to put old light […]

What are LED Lights?

When we say the word “Christmas,” images of stark white snowy backdrops, a crackling fireplace, and the steady blinking glow of Christmas lights come to mind. Lighting has always played an important part in Christmas decor. Many homeowners think that their decor just isn’t complete without these pretty lights in their home. LED – or […]

How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

You’re going to spend your first Christmas in your new home, and you just bought your first artificial Christmas tree. You’re so excited to decorate, but then you realize you have no idea how to attach these long wires of Christmas lights to your tree!   For beginners, eHow Home offers these basic steps on […]