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Origin of Christmas Ornaments

Aside from Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments are among our most cherished holiday décor. Ornaments give the tree its exceptional look, which is why we fuss about what color and style to opt for each year, and sometimes even undertake creative projects to give the tree a personal touch. So how did these beloved holiday keepsakes […]

How to Make Perfect Paper Snowflakes

Making paper snowflakes is a fun holiday activity, and can these hand-cut beauties are great decorating Christmas trees or hanging from ceilings. The great thing about paper snowflakes: No two are exactly alike! This way, we can teach our kids to appreciate art, geometry, and their ability to create.   Martha Stewart shares with us […]

Christmas Decoration Checklist

The holiday season is nearing, and Santa Claus has just started making his Naughty and Nice list. Christmas can be both fun and tedious. Like Santa Claus, it helps to have a list of things we need to organize our schedule and budget our finances for the holidays. Real Simple, a monthly lifestyle magazine, just […]