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Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen makeovers may seem like a daunting task! Often, kitchens are the high-traffic areas in the home and seem to cost more to update. So for those who are having a hard time getting started, here are some simple tips to help you create a beautiful kitchen. Keep it Simple The key to beautifying your […]

No-Sew Craft Projects for the House

Fabric is such a wonderful material to work with for hand-made creations for the home. I love going to stores and seeing rows upon rows of fabric in all colors imaginable, lovely floral and graphic prints, and possibly all kinds of textures! Fabric is versatile, too, as it allows you to create a variety of […]

DIY Projects for Fall

Fall’s inspiring colors make this season a good time to start a creative project. Here are some DIY projects for the fall that can help you express yourself. Start a scrapbook To start a scrapbook, gather pictures that you want to highlight. Since a scrapbook is meant to be filled with memories, you can also […]