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Fall Decorating Ideas: 4 Simple Wheat Centerpieces

  With a variety of natural items available during the harvest season, decorating for fall should be a breeze. Wheat, for example, is bountiful during this time, and adds a certain autumn-inspired look to your decor. When paired with pumpkins, wheat also complements a lovely fall tablescape. There are plenty of wheat centerpieces to be […]

Easy DIY Fall Wreaths to Make for Your Home

  Last summer, I made two wreaths to brighten up our home. What I love about DIY-ing wreaths is that they’re simple, beautiful ways to celebrate each season. Making your own wreath is also more cost-effective than buying pre-made wreaths. I also can’t believe how easy they are to make—I may actually make a few […]

Front Porch Décor Ideas for $50 or Less

  Updating your fall entryway while saving money is entirely possible—you just have to know where to look! This fall, check out these tips and tricks you can try to give your front porch a face lift at the right price. From local farmers’ markets to online shopping, here is a list of porch décor […]

DIY Gold Leaf Designs to Spruce Up Your Home for Fall

Gilding your home accessories is a simple, affordable way of updating your interiors, and nothing says effortless elegance than a classic gold leaf design.   These days, you can add gold to your décor using the classic gilding technique or spray painting your accessories in metallic gold. Either way, using a gold leaf design is […]

Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Mantel

The transition from summer to fall is one of my favorites, bringing with it the vibrant colors and textures of the harvest season. It’s also a great time of year to update your décor because you can create whole new looks effortlessly and affordably. Here are some simple and beautiful ways to enhance your mantel […]